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Herbs and Minerals
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Ancient Healing

Homeopathy is a healing system based on the principle that the body is designed to heal itself. The remedies are minute doses of natural substances that interact energetically with the unique temperament of a person to induce self-healing. During a homeopathic intake, we will explore your temperament, consider acute and chronic symptoms, and select one of 2,000 natural remedies to begin stimulating your vital force. 

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Homeopathic Intake

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Understanding You

The first step entails learning about your unique personality, temperament, and symptoms. What emotional palette do you innately use to respond to the world? What common patterns of thoughts, doubts, and fears do you experience? 

Homeopathic Treatment

Selecting a Remedy

After gathering the information, a remedy will be selected. Remedies work energetically to induce self-healing on a deep level through the concept that 'like heals like.' Sometimes, a few remedies are tried in order see which is received best by the individual. 


Healing Action

Homeopathic remedies work on emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects in order to stimulate the self-healing process of the individual. Sometimes a healing crisis is experienced, either via physical symptoms or emotional spurring. Changes are closely monitored.

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