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Treating the True Root Cause

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. 

Proverbs 17:22

Most people are introduced to naturopathic medicine as a direct alternative to modern medicine. Tylenol or chiropractic? Blood pressure medication or diet change? Antidepressants or herbal supplements?

While this understanding is common, it is not complete. Naturopathic medicine is more than an alternative treatment option. It is instinctual wisdom inside each of us that gets lost as life gets congested. 

Most lifestyles today provide enough distraction to avoid the encounters that could lead to healing. We're told that cancer, depression, and chronic pain are the health issues that define our time and we dedicate focus to solving these. Instead we could be targeting the common cause of it all.

The true root cause of disease and discontentment is distraction from our deep-seated yearning to be near to God, which is the only treatment that can truly and ultimately heal our burdens. In a culture built to capture attention, this is increasingly important.

Distraction can come in any form - social media, food, online shopping, technology, anything we turn to as a way of numbing the isolation and pain we feel. It can also come in less obvious forms including the pursuit of learning, career, family, or legacy if we look to them as ultimate things.

If the true root cause of suffering is a distraction from our core need to draw near to God, then the ultimate solution is consistent. It is the proper repositioning of whatever distraction is preventing us from opening our hearts to the healing love of the true Healer.

Of course, this is not at odds with clean eating, exercise, and other healing tools. It is in harmony with them. Healthy living supports our bodies to activate the self-healing process. But only if the heart is rightly set can the healing take root and be eternal. 

Naturopathic medicine is the continual process of digging deep, often very deep, to understand what distractions are keeping us from receiving the only thing that can ultimately and permanently satisfy.


When our lamps are filled with the oil of His love, all lights can shine infinitely bright, no matter the circumstance. 

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